Observing nature as a sensory experience needs our senses to be engaged to nature. We use our basic human senses to adore planet’s pristine nature. Our goal in our journeys always has been to practice watching, listening and feeling the beauty of deserts, mountains and coasts of our motherland, Iran. Deed facilitates observing earth and its biodiversity for observers around the world.

Deed is not a tour company and you take part in these adventures and trips as a partner not a customer. In our partnership we have mutual responsibilities to each other, to our planet and local communities. We build sustainable, responsible and accessible experiences together.

We support individuals and groups of observers such as birdwatchers, scientists, artists and environmentalists to create our mutual experiences.

Majestic dunes

The highest sand dunes of the world or the hottest spot on earth are some of the claims of Lut desert. This majestic area needs 12 to 15 days for exploring. We have had pioneered different routs in this desert and we are still ready and packed for more adventure. 

Absolute nature

Protected with the help of the most experienced park rangers of the country, Golestan national park is the best site for nature photographers, birders and wild life researchers. Camping in the middle of an untouched part of Hyrcanian jungles is not a usual experience and we can creat this 4 to 6 night experience together. 

Cheetah land

Rigestan desert the pristine land between Rig-jen and Lut desert is the place to find desert predators like cheetahs, wolves and other big cats. This is a real collection of diverse desert biome. There are still undiscovered corners in this desert which can be discovered within 6 to 9 days.  

Turquoise sea

Persian Gulf, Oman  sea and Indian ocean coasts where Iran’s deserts and mountains meet turquoise blue waters can host us for 7 to 15 days. Each day can create a fantastic memory to remember later. Watersports, diving and wet adventures are hosted by expert leaders and locals. Immaculate view points in different islands and coasts. 

Ancient coasts

Thousands of years ago, these huge wetlands and dunes in the middle of our deserts were coasts of fresh water lakes where diverse civilizations took advantage of them. Rig-jen, Shotoran, Khara and Zarrin are some of these deserts in which we can search and find the tracks of  ancient civilizations next to fresh footprints of desert wildlife.