Responsible observing results conserving ​

Deed is proudly committed to responsible eco-tourism.

We believe that it is not still too late to save our planet and our species. We can take our shots by observing nature responsibly, find out and feel the beauty of nature then conserve our mother planet.

Conserving nature and our observation spots is compulsory to guarantee our future expeditions and experiences. We work to ensure our travels and expeditions do not harm nature, wildlife and local communities and culture. 

In terms of waste, Deed is working and moving forward to reduce the amount of waste and plastic we are buying, causing to be produced and sending them to landfills. We avoid single use plastic even a water bottle in the middle of a desert expedition, even if it might look an easier way. We are working and planning towards zero waste observations and expeditions and will be proud to talk and collaborate with our partners and friends.

Cooperate with conservation teams

Deed has the honor to cooperate with conservation projects and professional environmental groups mostly in Iranian national parks and protected areas. We can support building up unique experiences in the most untouched, pristine sites and protected areas in Iran’s nature. Observing nature shoulder to shoulder with experienced park rangers and wildlife experts can be an exclusive opportunity for documentary film makers, birdwatchers, environment experts and nature lovers.