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Deed is not a tour agency and we do not offer ordinary and classic tours. We facilitate the opportunity of sharing an experience together.

After years of designing, planning and executing hundreds of tours for domestic and international agencies and individual tourists, this idea came to our minds. Instead of promoting and operating usual tours, we offer to build unique experiences in the most pristine sites and locations in deserts, jungles and beaches of Iran with your partnership.
Unlike what people expect from a commercial tour, we participate in the process of planning, designing and operating an expedition together. We believe in making mutual experiences cooperatively other around our campfire. 

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Ruedi Flück
When travelling in Iran it’s best to know somebody you can trust. Ashkan is a super experienced and well informed tour guide for natural experiences of Iran’s most splendid landscapes. We joined him for two tours already and as a photographer it was perfect, as he knows the best viewpoints and shows you breathtaking natural wonders. Even without a camera you can simply enjoy and know that Ashkan and his crew takes care of everything you may need. I would recommend to book a tour to my friends anytime and then of course to everybody else too.