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Observe nature thoughtfully, precisely and responsibly is what we do alongside our commitment to eco-tourism values. In our expeditions and trips into the depth of pristine deserts and forests of our country, our clients are our partners to create a very unique experience. We  facilitate the opportunity of creating this experience side by side our partners. 

  • Travel with minimum foot print possible  
  • cooperate with conservation teams
  • facilitate creating experiences in nature for teams and individuals


Mutual responsibilities

What is different in Deed travels is that the old-fashioned “tourist and tour guide” relation changes to a partnership. We are partners in designing, planning and performing a journey. We and our fellow travelers, who lend a helping hand to us to observe nature, have mutual responsibilities . We are responsible toward nature, people and wildlife. This is why we all need to take one step forward and think twice about how we travel.

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22 Oct


05:00 AM to
Khorasan region
18 Aug

Jahan Nama protected area

jahan nama protected area
23 Sep

In the chase of Sand Fox

Zarrin and Shotoran Desert
our team

Experienced nature lovers

Ashkan Hedayati

Founder & Tour guide

Mohsen Adib

Expert Desert Guide

Mohammad Motamedi

Brand manager

Sina Matinsefat

Nature photographer

What our travel partners
Say about us

Ruedi Flück
When travelling in Iran it’s best to know somebody you can trust. Ashkan is a super experienced and well informed tour guide for natural experiences of Iran’s most splendid landscapes. We joined him for two tours already and as a photographer it was perfect, as he knows the best viewpoints and shows you breathtaking natural wonders. Even without a camera you can simply enjoy and know that Ashkan and his crew takes care of everything you may need. I would recommend to book a tour to my friends anytime and then of course to everybody else too.